Our story

Our mission: to make a difference
The average smartphone user upgrades to a new mobile device every two years and changes phone cases even more often. In this fast-fashion world where it’s so easy to upgrade, we forget that the phones and cases we leave behind quickly add up. Worldwide, hundreds of millions of outdated smartphones and accessories end up in landfills, where the plastic and toxins they contain seriously harm the planet. That's why we decided to create new cases made of plant-based materials and recycled plastics.

Our product: 100% biodegradable and compostable cases
Mellow is a paradigm shift. We’ve redesigned the manufacturing process to create stylish products that are “made to be made again.” 
How? Our bio cases are 100% compostable and our ecoclear cases are made from recycled plastic. When you’re done with our product, you can toss it with a clear conscience and know that you’re not adding to the plastic crisis.

Our guarantee: safe phone, safe planet 
Mellow’s founders come from the tech industry. We know that the best phone cases are the ones that keep your device safe. That’s why we designed ours with 6ft drop-proof protection that will protect your phone—and the planet. After all, fewer broken phones means fewer phones in the landfill.  
Help us save the planet one case at a time.